Example: Patterning
A simple example of a two-direction pattern is a bolt, where there are four different nominal diameters, and for each diameter there are five lengths. These bolts can be created using several levels of Family Tables or using patterning. With patterning, all instances can be quickly created in the same table.
To pattern this bolt, make sure that the parameter LENGTH is in the table. Then, follow these steps:
1. Select the parameter NOM as the first direction pattern. Specify a quantity of 4 and an increment of 0.125.
2. Select the parameter LENGTH as the second direction pattern. Specify a quantity of 5 and an increment of 1.0.
A duplicate seed instance is created with a new name, and every instance added after it is incremented by one.
There are five lengths for each nominal diameter added to the table, as shown in column d4 above.