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To Control the Visibility of the Bodies and Quilts
Click Settings and click Tree Filters in the Model Tree. The Model Tree Items dialog box opens. The Bodies or Quilts check boxes are selected by default on the left pane. If you clear the check boxes, the bodies or quilts are not visible in the Model Tree, however they are visible in the Graphics window.
Click the Body/Quilt tab. The following options are available to control the visibility of the bodies or quilts:
Construction bodies—Shows bodies that do not contribute in the calculation of mass properties, interference analyses, or collision detection.
To set a body as construction body, select the body, right-click, and, click Set as Construction. To unset, click Unset as Construction.
Bodies with no geometry—Shows bodies in which the entire geometry is removed by some features or show bodies that have contributing features but no geometry.
Bodies with no contributing features—Shows bodies that are created using the New Body command, or the bodies with geometry that is deleted, suppressed, or rerouted to different bodies.
Consumed bodies—Shows bodies that are removed by the Remove Body command, or the bodies that are merged, subtracted, or intersected during Boolean operations. Such bodies do not contribute in the mass properties calculations.
Consumed quilts—Shows quilts that are consumed by features, such as, Solidify, Merge, and Thicken
Show sub-nodes
Body Material—Shows the materials assigned to bodies.
Contributing features—Shows the features assigned to bodies. Available only when the Features check box is selected. You can select or clear the Features check box on the left pane.