Model Tree Icons (A-C)
1-sided Trim
ATB-enabled Import
ATB-enabled Import with Missing Original
ATB-enabled Assembly
ATB-enabled Assembly with Missing Original
ATB-enabled Blend
ATB-enabled Blend with Missing Original
ATB-enabled Bulk Part
ATB-enabled Bulk Part with Missing Original
ATB-enabled Datum Curve
ATB-enabled Datum Curve with Missing Original
ATB-enabled Part
ATB-enabled Part with Missing Original
ATB-enabled Skeleton Part
ATB-enabled Skeleton Part with Missing Original
Active Packaged Skeleton Assembly, Active Child of Packaged Skeleton Assembly
Affected Component Assembly
Affected Component Part
Analysis Angle
Analysis Area
Analysis Curvature
Analysis Deviation
Analysis Diameter
Analysis Dihedral
Analysis Distance
Analysis Gaussian
Analysis Global Interference
Analysis Length
Analysis Mass Properties
Analysis Pairs Clearance
Analysis Point
Analysis Radius
Analysis Sections
Analysis Slope
Analysis Thickness
Analysis Volume
Analysis Volume Interference
Annotation Feature
Annotation Feature, Incomplete Datum Target Annotation Feature
Assembly Only Representation
Assembly, Pipeline Root, Pipeline System
Auto Round
Belt Feature
Blended Cut, Blended Protrusion, Blended Surface
Bound Protrusion, Bound Surface
Bulk Item
Cable Bundle, Frozen Cable Bundle
Cable/ Bundle Segment
Complete Wire
Component Interface
Connector Location
Construct Step
Contact 3D Feature
Copy Geometry
Curve Copy feature, Copied Surface
Cut Motion