About the Regeneration Footer
The Regeneration Footer is a section of the Model Tree that lists certain types of features. You can place certain features in the Regeneration Folder that are always created and evaluated at the end of the feature list. In addition, some features are automatically placed in the Regeneration Footer. Placing features in the Regeneration Footer helps you to better understand that certain features are always regenerated at the end of the list
The option of placing certain features in the footer allows you to see different behavior for the same feature, depending on where it is placed. There are two classes of features, Active and Declaration. Only Declaration class features can exist in the Regeneration Footer:
Active—Features that modify the model geometry or create new geometry. These features are rolled back during part modification.
Declaration—The features that do not affect the model topology and potentially are not rolled back. These features reference the final geometry and are accessible during any feature operation in the model.
You can place the following types of Declaration features in the Regeneration Folder:
Publish Geometry
Annotation Features
Datum Reference Features