About Custom Groups
Custom groups() are created in the Design Items node. In a custom group, you can organize items from the Design Items section (bodies, quilts, annotations, and material) independent of the regeneration sequence of the features. This structure helps in documenting the design intent of a model. You can add multiple custom groups as sub-nodes.
You can create a custom group using the Create Custom Group command, from the following locations:
On the Model tab, click the Operations list.
Right-click the file name (top node) of the model.
Right-click a custom group.
Drag and Drop Items
You can drag and drop items, such as materials, bodies, quilts, or annotations available inside folders. You can drag and drop these items inside, outside, or within the custom groups.
You cannot drag folders , such as, Materials, Bodies, or Quilts that are automatically created in the Model Tree. For example, when you create a quilt, a Quilts folder is automatically created in the Model Tree. When there is only one item available in a folder, when you drag and drop the item, the folder is deleted from the Design Items node.
You can drag and drop mixed items, for example, you can select bodies and quilts at the same time.
When you drag items, where they cannot be dropped, the pointer indicates that the action is not supported by changing the icon to .
When you drag and drop items into the custom group, the items are removed from their respective folders and placed in the custom group.
When you drag an item from a custom group to another custom group, the feature will be removed from the previous custom group and inserted into the new custom group.
In a custom group, when you, right-click the item, and click Remove from Custom Group, the item is relocated to its original position. For example, when you remove a body from custom group, the body is relocated to the Bodies folder.
You cannot duplicate items in a custom group.
Reordering of Custom Groups
The top node of the custom group cannot be reordered; however, you can reorder the nested groups.
Setting Custom Group as Default
You can set a custom group as default. The default custom group is marked with a star. Newly created items will be automatically added to the default group.
To set a custom group as default, right-click the custom group and click Set as Default. To unset, right-click the custom group, and click Unset as Default Custom Group.
To insert an item into a default custom group, right-click an item, and click Insert into Default Custom Group. The item is automatically inserted to the default custom group. This is applicable only when you have set a group as default.
Select Contained Items
To select all items in a group, right-click the custom-group, and click Select Contained Items. This command selects the items in the custom group, excluding the contributing features of the quilts and bodies.
Selecting all Contained Features
To select all features in a group, right-click the custom group, and click Select all Contained Features. This command selects all the features in the custom group including contributing features.