Using Default Layer Status Files
Layer status files let you:
Change the display status of a number of layers and sublayers in one operation.
Associate sublayers with other layers, by editing the table.
Define a default setting for layer status whenever you start Creo Parametric.
You use Pro/TABLE to edit layer files. When the file is saved, the layer display status is saved with it. If you later end the session, then start a new one and retrieve the model, the system displays the model in the settings that you last saved.
A file can be used to establish company standards for layer names and layer structure. The system retrieves this file whenever you begin to create a new object with Creo Parametric.
You can also create a customized version of and store it in your startup or home directory. When you start creating the object, Creo Parametric searches for the file in directories in the following order:
Creo Parametric
This ensures that the company standard is not overridden because later settings overwrite earlier ones.
A default file is supplied with Creo Parametric in the loadpoint/text directory. It contains 32 layers with names 1 through 32 inclusive.