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To Set Properties for a Layer
1. Click or in the Model Tree navigator window click and then click Layer Tree. The Layer Tree opens.
2. Click and then click Layer Properties or right-click the layer name and click Layer Properties. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.
3. The current layer name is displayed. You can select it and change the name.
4. The current ID is displayed in the Layer ID box. You can change the ID.
The following tabs allow you to set properties for layers:
Layer properties in the dialog box always correspond to the selected layer. The Layer Tree scrolls vertically so that the selected or expanded layer is always visible. If you select more than one layer, selection and properties step down the list, starting with the highest layer.
If you want to change the names of all same name layers in a top level assembly, select the top level name node, and right-click Rename in the shortcut menu. This command is only available for name nodes.