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To Search for Overridden Dimensions
You can search all dimension types that are overridden using the Override Value, Override Display (@O), or Tolerance Value Only options in the Dimension ribbon tab.
1. Click or click Tools > Find. The Search Tool dialog box opens.
2. Click the Attributes tab if it is not selected by default.
3. Select All Dimensions in the Look for and Look by lists.
4. Under Rule, select Type.
5. Under Criteria, select one of the following values from the Value list to search for overridden dimensions.
Override Value—To find dimensions for which Override Value is selected in the Dimension Properties dialog box.
Tolerance Value Only—To find dimensions that display the tolerance values of the dimension and not the nominal value.
Override Display (@O)—To find any driven dimension with its dimension value replaced by a text string using the @O syntax.
6. Click Find Now. The found items are listed under items found in the Search Tool dialog box. The results are also highlighted in the graphics window.
7. Click to select and transfer items from items found to items selectedsection.
8. Click Close.