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To Include or Define Rules in Layers
1. Specify rules in layers or include items defined by the rules.
2. Right-click the layer name and click Layer Properties. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.
3. Click Rules. The Rules Enabled option under Options is selected by default and allows you to update the layer each time an item that matches the criteria is added to the model.
4. Select Independent, the Edit Rules option is enabled. The layers are dependent and non-associative by default.
5. Click Edit Rules. The Rule Editor dialog box opens.
6. Search and select rule conditions using the Rule Editor.
7. Click Preview Results to preview rule condition results or click OK. The rule conditions appear in Rules.
8. Click OK. Layers and their associated items appear in the Layer Tree.
The symbol appears in the Layer Tree indicating the layer is defined primarily with rules. Additionally, rules can be combined using AND and OR operations.