To Create a New Layer
You can create a new layer and then use the Layer Properties dialog box to edit the name and ID of the layer and add to or remove items from the layer.
1. Click or in the Model Tree navigator window click and then click Layer Tree. The Layer Tree opens.
2. Click and then click New Layer or right-click within the Layer Tree and use the shortcut menu. The Layer Properties dialog box opens.
3. Type a name for the new layer, or accept the default name. The Layer ID field is empty.
4. Select what you want to include or exclude in the layer using the graphics window, search tool, layer tree, or rules tab.
5. Click Ok. The system creates a new layer with the specified name and adds the layer to the active object. As you add a layer, it is placed alphabetically in the tree, and the tree scrolls vertically to the location of the layer that was added last. The Layer Properties dialog closes.
6. Click Pause to temporarily suspend selection of items to the layer and perform other operations. Click Resume to continue adding or removing items to the layer.
7. Click Cancel to close the dialog box. Changes to the layer properties dialog box are ignored.
A layer can be defined as a non-ruled layer if it exists in the top level model.