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To Create a Model Note Using the Model Tree
Use the following procedure to create a note in your model from the Model Tree:
1. Right-click a feature or part in the Model Tree. A shortcut menu opens.
2. Click Create Note > Feature (or Assembly, Part, or Component in Assembly mode). The Note dialog box opens.
3. Type the note text in the Text box, or click Insert to insert text from a file or from another note.
4. (Optional) Click Symbols to select from a gallery of symbols to add to the note.
5. Click OK. A note is created in the Model Tree below the selected part, assembly, or feature. The note icon in the Model Tree appears hidden.
6. To attach the note to the model, perform the following steps:
a. Right-click the note on the Model Tree and click Note Type. A list of note types is displayed.
b. Select a note type and proceed with the attachment according to the note type.