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To Create Parameters Using Model Tree Columns
1. Select an item in the Model Tree to which you want to apply the new parameter.
2. Click and then click Tree Columns on the list. The Model Tree Columns dialog box opens.
3. In the Type list, select one of Model Params, Database Params, Feat Params, Body Params, Annotation Elem Params, ECAD Params, or Mass Properties Params type of parameters.
4. To create a new parameter for the selected item, under Not Displayed, specify a name for the new parameter in the Name field.
5. Click >> to add the new parameter to the Displayed list.
6. Click Apply > OK. The dialog box closes and the new parameter column is added to the Model Tree.
7. Click anywhere in the new parameter column opposite the selected item. If the parameter does not yet exist, the Parameter Properties dialog box opens.
8. Select a parameter format (String, Real Number, Integer, or Yes No) and click OK.
9. Type the required parameter value according to the parameter format that you have selected. For a real number variable, Creo Parametric automatically completes the value to six decimal places. For a Yes No variable, Creo Parametric automatically types a YES or NO.
10. From the Units list, select the required unit for the parameter.
11. Under Access, select the type of access, that is, full, limited, or locked that you want to give to the parameter.
12. Click OK. The parameter for the selected feature or model is added to the Model Tree.