Tip: Saving Queries to a Feature
Note the following points while working with saved queries in copy geometry or publish geometry features:
A saved query stores the Look for, Look by values as well as rules defined in the search tool. If a query is saved in the Chain collector, the query is saved as a one-by-one query in the collector. If a query is saved in the Surface Sets collector, the query is stored as Individual Surfaces query in the collector.
You can save one or more queries in a collector. Queries can also be combined with manually collected items.
Names of the saved queries are listed sequentially in the collector.
In the dialog box that opens when clicked Details adjacent to Surface Sets or Chain collector, you can save only the surface chains and the query chains into Individual Surfaces or as one-by-one chains. You cannot save queries in other chain and surface collection tools such as All Solid Surfaces and Excluded Surfaces.
When you save or edit a query, the name of the Search Tool:1 dialog box changes to Rule Editor:1. While editing a query in a collector, the query opens in the rule editor. You can edit, or rerun the query for the redefined model. You can also change the query to remove the previously saved rule from the feature and manually select items for that collector.