About Model Tree Operations
You can perform the following operations using the Model Tree:
Rename files on the Model Tree
Click the icon next to the filename or double-click the name. A type box opens.
Type the new name in the type box provided.
Press Enter.
Select features, parts, or assemblies, and perform object-specific operations on them using the shortcut menu.
You cannot use the Model Tree to select individual geometry that is used to make a feature (entity). To select entities, you must use the graphics window.
Filter the display by item type or status, for example, showing or hiding datum features, or showing or hiding suppressed features.
Open a part within an assembly file by right-clicking the part on the Model Tree.
Create or modify features and perform other operations such as deleting or redefining parts or features, rerouting parts or features, and so on, using the shortcut menu (accessed by right-clicking a part name).
Search the Model Tree for model properties or other feature information by clicking Tools > Find on the Creo Parametric ribbon.
Show the display or regeneration status for a feature, part, or assembly, for example suppressed or unregenerated.
Each Model Tree item contains an icon that reflects its object type, for example, assembly, part, feature, or datum plane. The icon can also show display or regeneration status, for example, suppressed or unregenerated.