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Using a Session ID of a Component in Assembly Relations
When you create a parameter that belongs to a model (assembly or component) other than the current model, the parameter must include the Session ID of that model as a suffix in the dimension symbols.
The use of Session ID for parameters in the current model is optional.
You can view the Session ID of a component by clicking Show > Session ID in the Relations dialog box.
In an assembly, the following terms are equivalent for components:
Component Number = Feature Number
Component ID = Feature ID
How a Session ID is Generated
When an assembly is created or retrieved into a session, each unique model (whether a top assembly, subassembly, or part) is assigned its own Session ID.
If a model is used more than once in an assembly, each occurrence of the model has a unique Component Number and Component ID, which relate to its parent assembly. However, all occurrences of the model share the same Session ID. While the model is in session, it retains the same Session ID, even if it is used in different assemblies.
Different instances of a table-driven model have different Session IDs.