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To Use PTC Mathcad Prime Parameters in Relations
Make sure you are working with unit sensitive relations when you use PTC Mathcad Prime parameters.
1. In an open model with an embedded PTC Mathcad Prime worksheet, click Tools > Relations. The Relations dialog box opens.
2. To set unit sensitive relations, click Utilities and make sure the Unit Sensitive check box is selected.
3. To view the available PTC Mathcad Prime parameters, click the arrow next to Local Parameters. In the Filter By list, click Current and all sublevels.
4. To insert a PTC Mathcad Prime parameter in a relation, click Insert > From List. The Select Parameter dialog box opens.
5. From the Look In list select Embedded Mathcad. Available PTC Mathcad Prime parameters are listed.
6. Select a parameter and click Insert Selected. The parameter is added to the relation.