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To Set RGB Colors for Coordinate System Axes
The RGB colors set for the coordinate system axes helps you to view the direction of the axes while using a model. To set RGB colors, do the following:
1. Click File > Options.
2. Click System Appearance. Under Global Colors, click Datum. The RGB colored axes check box is available under Coordinate System. This checkbox is selected by default.
When RGB colored axes is selected, default RGB colors (X – Red, Y – Green, and Z - Blue) are applied to axes. By default, the same RGB color is applicable to the axis and its label. For example, Red is applicable to both X-axis and X label. The Axes and Axis Labels color palettes are not available for selection. However, you can change the color of the coordinate system tag.
When RGB colored axes is not selected, the color palettes are available for selection. The color that you select from the Axes palette is applied to all the axes. You can select the color of your choice for axis labels and tags.