To Create a New Hatch Pattern
1. Click . A box appears next to .
2. Type Hatch Editor in the box. The Hatch Editor dialog box opens.
The Hatch Editor is not included in the ribbon by default. You can add the command to the ribbon or Quick Access toolbar using the Creo Parametric Options dialog box. For details refer to the topics To Customize the Ribbon using the PTC Creo Parametric Options Dialog Box for a Mode and To Customize the Quick Access Toolbar for a Mode.
3. Click
4. Click . A new line is added to the pattern and is displayed in the Hatch Editor dialog box.
5. To select a line style, click the arrow in the Pattern box and select a line style from the list. The line style is applied to the active line.
6. Set the following attributes for the active line:
Thickness — Specifies the line thickness.
Angle — Specifies an angle to orient the line. The angle is measured relative to a zero position.
Offset — Specifies a distance to shift the line. The offset is measured relative to a zero position.
Spacing — Specifies the spacing between lines.
Color — Click and select a color for the line.
7. Click to add another line to the pattern. Set the attributes. Add more lines if needed.
8. To remove a line from the pattern, click .
9. To move to the next line and edit it, click .
10. To return to the previous line and edit it, click .
11. Click . The Enter name of cross-hatch style: box appears. Type the name of the crosshatch pattern and press ENTER. The crosshatch pattern is stored to a file with the extension .xch in the current directory.