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To Create a Datum Asynchronously when Creating a Planar Cross Section
1. Open a part.
2. On the View tab, click the arrow next to Section and then click Planar. The Section tab opens.
3. Click Datum on the Section tab. A list opens.
4. Click . The section tool pauses automatically and the Datum Plane dialog box opens.
5. Use the Datum Plane dialog box to create a datum.
6. Click to resume the Section tool. If the newly created datums can be used as references for the current cross section, they are selected automatically and a cross section is created. A dragger appears at the center of the clipping plane. The dragger is normal to the clipping plane and indicates the clipping direction.
7. Select the constraint type from the drop-down list:
Offset—Creates the cross section at the specified distance from the selected datum plane. Click and type a value for the offset distance.
Through—Creates the cross section along the selected datum plane.
8. Click to change the clipping direction.
9. Change the location of the cross section by using the dragger or click to enable free positioning of the clipping plane. When free positioning is enabled, you can translate and rotate the clipping plane orientation using the dragger.
10. Click or middle-click. The cross section is added to the Model Tree.