To Set the Background
1. Select the Scene Background check box in the in-graphics toolbar.
If the Scene Background check box is not clicked, the system background displays behind the model.
2. On the View tab, click Scenes and click Edit Scene on the gallery. The Scene Editor dialog box opens.
3. Click the Background tab.
4. Select one of the following options to set the background:
Environment— This is the default background property. Defines an environment as the background. The environment that you have selected in the Environment tab is displayed in the swatch.
To change the environment, click the swatch and select another image under the Environment tab.
The model must be in perspective to display the Environment as the background.
Color—Defines a solid color for the background using the Color Editor dialog box
Image—Defines an image for the background. Click the swatch and select an image from the Open dialog box.
The Fit Image check box is available for selection if you select an Image as the background. Fit Image fits the image to the graphics window.
Blend—Defines a procedural image that is a gradation of two colors from the top to the bottom of the image. Click the swatch and specify the top and bottom colors for the blend in the Blend Colors dialog box. To reset the blended color to previously defined values, click the Top or Bottom check boxes.
5. Click Close.