About 3D Mouse Behavior
You can use a 3D mouse along with the 2D mouse in Creo. The 3D mouse allow you to perform large number of orientations or rotations more efficiently. The following are some of the key aspects of Creo Parametric in regards to 3D mouse operations.
Center of Rotation
In Creo, you can define a spin center for 2D mouse operations. You can also manually spin the model by pressing the middle mouse button and dragging in the graphics window. In case of a 3D mouse, the center of rotation is automatically calculated based on the object view.
Auto-Rotation Center
When 3D mouse is connected, the initial placement of the center of rotation is the center of total volume of objects. As you zoom-in, the center of rotation changes according to your view. This behavior helps you rotate the object without losing the view of your interest. You can set a new center of rotation using your 2D mouse to override this default setting.