To Zoom in the Model View
You can zoom in the selected area of a graphics window using the one of the following options:
1. Press CTRL and middle-click. The pointer changes to . Note that you hold the CTRL key but release the middle mouse button.
2. Drag the mouse diagonally over the target geometry and center the geometry in the zoom box. As you drag, the zoom box is created.
3. Middle-click to define the zoom box. To cancel zoom in, simply release the CTRL key.
Click and select the area on the graphics window to create the zoom box.
Zoom in or zoom out of the target geometry by using the scroll wheel on the mouse.
1. In the graphics window, select the geometric entity, part, or feature that you want to enlarge.
2. Click Zoom to Selected on the mini toolbar or click the View tab and click Zoom to Selected.
1. Click Saved Orientations > Reorient. The View dialog box opens. On the Orientation sub tab, select Dynamic orient in the Type box.
2. Use the Pan and Zoom sliders to zoom in or zoom out of the model view.
Zoom To is available in the Reference Viewer and Search Tool dialog boxes. Select the object that you want to find or view, right-click, and select Zoom To
If you need to refit the model to the screen, simply click . If you want to zoom out on the model, click or use the scroll wheel on your mouse.