To Set the Spin Center for an Object
The default orientation for an object is set to trimetric but can be modified to be isometric or user-defined. The default spin center of a model is the model center. Use the following procedure to modify it to be any point on the screen.
You cannot set the spin center for an object in the Drawing mode.
1. Click View > Reorient.
2. From the Type list in the Orientation tab, choose Preferences.
3. From the Spin Center option buttons in the Options section, select one of the following:
Model center
Screen center
Pointorvertex—Select a point or vertex on the object.
Edge or axis—Select an edge or axis on the object.
Coordinate system—Select a coordinate system on the object.
4. Under Default Orientation, select the type of default orientation you want to create (Isometric, Trimetric, or User Defined), and set the angular position of the user-defined default orientation in the X and Y directions.
5. To name, set, save, or delete the view, click the arrow triangle to the left of the Saved Orientations section, and use one of the following:
Save—Type a name for the current view in the Name text box and click Save to save the current view.
Set—Select a name from the list and click Set to display the selected view.
Delete—Select a name from the list and click Delete to delete the selected view.
6. Click OK to accept the orientation changes and remove the dialog box, Undo to undo your orientation changes and start over, or Cancel to abort spin center changes and remove the dialog box.
You can also set orientation using the configuration file option orientation.