To Redisplay Hidden Entities
Hide and redisplay operations are object-action oriented only. You must select the item you want to hide or redisplay before you choose Hide or Unhide.
1. In the Model Tree, select the hidden items that you want to redisplay. On the shortcut menu, click Unhide, or click the Unhide toolbar button.
The toolbar button is not present on the toolbar by default; you must add it using Tools > Customize Screen.
2. The selected entities are redisplayed in the Graphics window, and their icons are returned to normal display status (not dimmed) in the Model Tree.
To Redisplay All Hidden Entities at Once
Do one of the following:
Click View > Unhide All.
Click the Unhide All toolbar button.
Right-click the selected item and choose Unhide All from the displayed shortcut menu.
All hidden (blanked) entities are redisplayed in the Graphics window.