To Redefine a System Appearance
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Click System Appearance.
3. Expand one of the following nodes.
Graphics—Displays the default system appearances for the graphical elements.
Datum—Sets the colors for datum planes, axes, points, and coordinate systems.
Geometry—Sets the colors for references, sheet metal surfaces, spine surface mesh, cables, quilt edges, and the ECAD area.
Sketcher—Sets the colors for sketcher entities.
The expanded node displays a list of entities. A color button to the left of the entity displays the current color assigned to that entity.
4. Click the color button to the left of an entity that you want to redefine. A color palette is displayed. In the color palette, the default color of the entity is displayed in the box next to Automatic.
5. Select a color from Theme Colors.
In the color palette for entities in Graphics node, More Colors is available. You can click More Colors to open the Color Editor dialog box. In the Color Editor dialog box, you can adjust the RGB or HSV controls to create the color that you want. For example, to set Background to white, move the R, G, and B slider handles all the way to the right. To set Background to black, move the slider handles all the way to the left.
Alternatively, in the Color Editor dialog box select a color from the Color Wheel. When you finish editing the chosen color, click OK in the Color Editor dialog box.
6. When you redefine a color, the color button displays the selected color.
To reset the color back to original, click the box next to Automatic in the color palette.
7. Repeat step 3 through step 6. to change other system appearance.
8. Click OK in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box.