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To Modify a Seed and Boundary Surface Set
You must be inside a tool to modify Seed and Boundary Surface sets.
1. In the graphics window, place your pointer over the Seed and Boundary Surfaces label and right-click.
2. Click Activate Set from the shortcut menu.
3. Press SHIFT and select the required boundary surface or surfaces to add or remove them from the Seed and Boundary Surface set. Creo Parametric highlights the seed and boundary surfaces along with the valid surfaces. A ToolTip displays the names of valid surfaces.
You cannot modify the anchor surface of a Seed and Boundary surface set.
A Seed and Boundary surface set closes if a new set is added, the tool is closed, or if you activate another collector inside of a tool.
To remove a boundary surface from the set, right-click on the label and click Remove Set.
You can use Next, Previous, or Pick From List from the shortcut menu to select edges.
Inside a tool the selected items are not available for surface collection.