To Copy a Cross Section From a File
Use the Copy from File command from the Edit menu in the View Manager to copy a cross section pattern from same or another model. The model from which the cross section pattern is copied must be of the same type as the model in which the new cross section is being created (part or assembly).
1. On the View tab, click the arrow next to Manage Views and then click View Manager. The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. Click Sections.
3. In the Names column, select No Cross Section.
4. Click Edit > Copy from File.
5. Under the Names column, type a name for the new cross section and press ENTER. The Open dialog box opens.
6. In the Open dialog box, select the reference model that contains the cross section pattern you want to copy. The reference model can be the same as the current model.
7. The reference model appears in a secondary window. The XSEC NAMES menu lists the cross sections that are present in the reference model. Select the cross section that you want to copy. The references for the selected cross section are highlighted in red on the reference model.
8. For each highlighted reference, click a corresponding reference on the current model. The cross section pattern is copied to the current model and displayed.
You can also copy or group features that reference a cross section, for example, datum curves created with the Curve from xsec or Create a Curve on the cross section shortcut menu in View Manager and Model Tree respectively.