Positioning the Appearance Textures
Use the Texture, Bump, and Decal tabs for the relevant shader parameter to position the textures. The following options determine the position of the texture on the selected surface or surfaces:
Type—Determines the projection type of the texture on the selected surface or surfaces. You can select from the Planar, Cylindrical, Spherical, Parametric, and Box mapping types from the drop down list.
— Click to switch between single and multiple copies. Single maps one copy of the texture. Multiple copies completely fill the surfaces.
X Scale and Y Scale — Use the scale thumbwheels to specify how many copies of the texture are mapped across the surfaces. For the Cylindrical and Spherical mapping types, a value of 1.000 for single implies that one copy of the texture covers 180 degrees of the map, while a value of 1.000 for multiple implies that two copies of the texture cover 360 degrees of the map.
X Position, Y Position — Adjusts the orientation of the map in the x- or y-direction.
Rotate — Modifies the rotation of the map about the origin. The range is -180 to 180 degrees.
and buttons—Mirrors the map in the horizontal or vertical direction.