The View Dialog Box
A model appears in a default view orientation when it is first created and any time it is retrieved. You can change the default orientation of your model or create new orientations using the View dialog box. On the View tab, click Saved Orientations > Reorient to open the View dialog box.
On the View tab, click Saved Orientations > Reorient. The View dialog box opens with the Orientation sub-tab active. By default the Type is Orient by reference.
The following orientation types are available:
Dynamic Orient—Lets you orient the view dynamically by using the settings for panning, zooming, and spinning. Available for 3-D models only.
Orient by Reference—In Part or Assembly, lets you select references by which to orient the model. In Part or Assembly mode, you can select multiple surfaces as orientation references. The options are Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Vertical Axis, and Horizontal Axis.
Preferences—This type consists of the following options in Part or Assembly mode:
It lets you define the spin center for 3D models (Part and Assembly modes).
It lets you change the default orientation for parts, assemblies and drawings. The default view is Trimetric. You can set the view orientation to Isometric or User Defined. In a user-defined orientation, you specify angles to rotate the model around the X and Y axes.
The Saved Orientations option lets you name or save a view, or retrieve a previously saved view. You can also delete the saved orientations by clicking Delete. You cannot delete Default Orientation or Standard Orientation.