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Modifying Entity Colors Using the Graphics Node
You can assign different colors to the entities apart from the colors that are available by default. All system colors are linked to the 18 colors under the Graphics node. By changing the links or the Graphics colors, you can customize your entities. When you change the entity color, the changes are displayed in the syscol.scl file, with the entity color starting with ALIAS.
For example, in the Sketcher node, the Geometry entity is colored Orange by default. In the Graphics node, Orange is the Previewed Geometry entity. This means, that the Geometry entity in the Sketcher node is linked to the Previewed Geometry entity in the Graphics node.
If you want to color the Geometry entity in green, then, you can link it to the entity in the Graphics node, which is colored in green, in this case, Sheet metal. If you change the colors of the entities in the Graphics node using Color Editor, the entities within a node, which are linked to these colors will also be updated. For instance, changing the Sheet metal color from green to pink also changes the Geometry color in the Sketcher node to pink.