Applying Appearances using the Search Tool
You can search for components at any level within an assembly and apply an appearance to that component. Press Ctrl F or click Tools > Find to open the Search Tool to search for individual components within an assembly.
You can search for a family table instance of a component at any level within an assembly and apply an appearance to that component or modify a previously applied appearance. However, if you open such an instance in a separate part window, then the appearance seen is that applied to a generic part and not that applied to the component.
You can search for quilts and surfaces at any level within an assembly and apply appearances to the individual quilts or surfaces.
You can search for cables and apply appearances to them.
To Use the Search Tool to Apply Appearances within an Assembly
1. Click View > Appearances to access the appearance apply mode. The last selected appearance in the appearance gallery will be applied.
Alternatively, you can skip this step and use the Search Tool to search for features, components, surfaces or quilts. You can then use the Appearance Gallery to apply an appearance, or use the Model Appearance Editor to modify an applied appearance.
2. Click Tools > Find. The Search Tool opens.
3. Select an option from the Look by list.
4. Select the assembly name in the Look in list to search for features, surfaces, or quilts that you want to apply appearances to.
5. Click to select the assembly in the graphics area and search for individual components of the selected assembly to apply appearances.
6. Click or clear the Include submodels check box to either include or exclude the submodels for the search.
7. You can use the default search options in the Attributes, History, Status and Geometry tabs, or modify the search criteria as required.
8. Click Find Now to display the search results in the Search Tool.
9. Select the component from the search results. The selected component is highlighted in the Model Tree and the graphics window. Click Close to close the Search Tool.
10. If you have previously selected View > Appearances to access the appearance apply mode, click OK in the Select box to apply the appearance to the component.
11. Alternatively, click View > Appearances to apply the last selected appearance. Or you can modify the applied appearance using the Model Appearance Editor.