About View Operations
Using the View menu, you can adjust the model view, orient the view, hide and show entities, create and use advanced views, and set various model display options. The following list includes some of the View operations you can perform.
Orient the model view in the following ways, using the View (View > Saved Orientations > Reorient) dialog box:
Set the Orientation Center
Spin, pan, zoom, and turn models and drawings
Spin and pan about edges
Display the default orientation
Revert to the previously displayed orientation
Change the position or size of the model view
Change the orientation (including changing the view angle in a drawing)
Create new orientations
Temporarily shade a model by using cosmetic shading
Show, dim, or remove hidden lines
Explode or Unexplode an assembly view
Repaint the Creo Parametric graphics window
Refit the model to the Creo Parametric window after zooming in or out on the model
Update drawings of model geometry
Hide and show entities, and hide or show items during spin or animation
Use advanced views
Add perspective to the model view