About Drag and Drop
Creo Parametric lets you move files from browsers, other Creo Parametric sessions and from Windchill Solutions to the Creo Parametric graphics window and the Model Tree. When a file is dragged to an acceptable target, the pointer changes indicating the object can be placed there.
Links can also be dragged from browsers and Creo Parametric navigators, and dropped in the embedded Web browser.
Graphics Window
Creo Parametric files can be dropped in the graphics window from the embedded Web browser, a standalone browser or a file manager. Note that the Internet Explorer browser must be version 5.5 and later. The Netscape Navigator browser must be version 6.0 and later.
When you activate the Folder Navigator, you can drag a Creo Parametric component from the embedded Web browser and drop it in the graphics window. The component opens in a separate window unless you drop it on an active assembly.
By default, when you drop a component on an assembly, Creo Parametric attempts to automatically place it. If the component cannot be assembled automatically, the Component Placement dialog box opens to allow you to select references and constrain the part in the assembly. If you want to choose whether to assemble the component or open it in a new window, set the configuration option autoplace_single_component to no. When set to no, the Confirm Retrieval dialog box opens displaying the choice to open the component in a separate window or to add it to the assembly. Refer to the help in Assembly for more information on placing components in assemblies.
You can drag a .zip file to the graphics window. The File Open dialog box opens and displays the files contained in the .zip. Click a Creo Parametric file in the File Open dialog box to open it.
Model Tree
You can drag and drop components onto the Model Tree. If you have an assembly open, the dropped component is unplaced. To place the component, click Edit Definition from the Model Tree shortcut menu.
Search Navigator
If you are connected to a Windchill server, files are listed in the embedded Web browser. You can drag a link, under the Name column, from the Search navigator to the graphics window area. The details page of that part or assembly opens in the embedded Web browser. You can then drag a part or assembly from the web browser to the graphics window.