To Generate a BOM (Bill of Materials) Report in a Part
You can generate a BOM (bill of materials) report in a part to view a list of the designated parameters, attributes, and objects in the part. A typical case is to generate a BOM of the designated bodies in a part.
1. To make items available for inclusion in the BOM report, designate the items:
a. Click Model > Model Intent > Designate. The Designate dialog box opens.
b. To define the context in which to find the item to designate, under Look In, select a type from the list. For example, to designate a body, select Body.
c. To select items to designate, perform either or both of the following actions:
Select objects:
1. Click the Objects tab.
2. Under Add Item, select the type of object to add. For example, select Body.
3. Click . A prompt opens.
4. In the Model Tree or graphics window, hold down the CTRL key while you select objects to designate.
5. Click OK in the prompt box.
Select parameters:
1. Click the Parameters Table tab.
2. Select an item in the list.
3. In the Designate column, select the parameters to designate.
d. Click OK. The Designate dialog box closes.
2. Click Tools > Bill of Materials. A bill of materials report opens.
You can customize a BOM in these ways:
Customize the text output format for a particular form of presentation and content.
Use Drawing report tables to create a BOM in table format in drawings.