To Customize the Display of Measurement Results
1. To set the Measure dialog box to open fully expanded, set the measure_dialog_expand configuration option to yes. Otherwise, the dialog box will open in the same condition as it was the last time it closed, either expanded or collapsed.
2. Click Analysis > Measure. The Measure dialog box opens.
3. Click . The Options dialog box opens.
4. Customize the display settings:
Set the display of the results in the Measure dialog box:
To use the same units as the model, select the Units by Model check box.
Select a unit for length from the Length Units list.
Select a unit for angle from the Angular Units list.
Select the number of decimal place shown from the Decimal Places list.
To show the Feature tab in the Measure dialog box, select the Show Feature Tab check box.
Customize the measurement panel display:
To hide the measurement panels, click Hide.
To restore the hidden measurement panels, click Restore.
To collapse the measurement panels, click Collapse.
To expand the collapsed measurement panels, click Expand.
5. Click OK.