To Add a Map Key
1. On the Options dialog box, select Mapkeys from the Category list. A list of map keys available in the system is displayed.
2. Select a map key from the list.
3. From the list on the right, click a user-defined group to select it. On selection, the group is highlighted. If the selection is valid, the right arrow becomes available.
4. Click the right arrow. The map key is added to the selected group on the right.
5. To modify the map key, click Modify. A list is displayed. Use the options in the list appropriately.
Copy Button Image—Copies the image of the selected command.
Paste Button Image—Pastes the copied image.
Reset Button Image—Resets the image of the selected command.
Choose Button Image—Allows you to browse to a different icon for the mapkey and select a file with *.png file extension.
Choose from Existing—Opens the Pick Mapkey Icon dialog box that allows you to choose a different icon for the map key.
Edit Button Image—Opens the Button Editor dialog box that allows you to edit the image.
Default Style—Displays the default style.
Small Button—Displays the small size command.
Small Button - No Icon—Displays the command label without the icon.
Large Button—Displays the large size command.
Hide Command Label—Hides the label.