About Working with Mapkeys in Drawing
In the Drawing mode, you can record mapkeys that contain selection of commands across tabs in the ribbon.
The ribbon in the Drawing user interface consists of tabs with groups of commands. For example, the Sketch tab contains all commands of the sketch tool.
You can run a mapkey from any active tab even if it requires commands not included in the active tab. For example, if Sketch is the inactive tab and Publish is the active tab, then you can run a mapkey in the Publish tab even if it contains commands from the Sketch tab.
When you run a mapkey, the tab corresponding to the last command of the mapkey is activated. Additionally, if a user input or a graphics pick occurs during the mapkey execution, the corresponding tab is activated.
You do not observe visual switching of tabs during execution of the mapkey for mapkeys that are created prior to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 release and have commands that belong to different tabs.