To Rename a Menu Bar Menu
1. Click Tools > Customize Screen. The Customize dialog box opens and the Commands tab is displayed by default.
2. In the Creo Parametric menu bar, right-click the menu you want to rename, and then choose Rename from the shortcut menu.
3. In the Rename dialog box, type the new name for the menu. To place a mnemonic (shortcut key) in the new menu name, include an ampersand symbol (&) just before the letter you want to designate as the mnemonic. For example, if you want to rename the Edit menu to Modify, and you want to make the letter o a mnemonic, you would type M&odify. The new menu name would appear Modify on the menu bar, and pressing ALT+O would open the menu.
4. Click OK. The menu is renamed. If you designated a mnemonic, the specified letter is underlined. You can press ALT+<the letter> to open the menu rather than using the mouse.
You cannot rename menu command, such as Exit on the File menu.