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To Measure the Geometric Deviation between Two Parts
1. Open the first part.
2. Click Tools > Compare Part > By Geometry. The Open dialog box opens and lists the part files in the working directory.
3. Select the second part file and click Open. The Compare Geometry dialog box opens.
4. In the Measurement spacing box, enter the desired Measurement Spacing value. This value represents the distance between each point in the point cloud that Creo Parametric generates from the first part.
5. In the Tolerance box, enter the desired tolerance value. This value is equal to the maximum difference in the compared geometry of the two parts, in part units. Creo Parametric displays deviations that are larger than the specified tolerance value upon comparison.
6. To display only the areas that have changed from the first part to the second part, select Show only changed areas.
7. Click Apply to begin the part comparison operation. The system compares the geometry of the parts and calculates the deviation of the geometry in the second part to the geometry of the current part.
A shaded color display showing the differences between the second part and the current part is displayed in the Graphics window. The Color Range dialog box opens beside the color display, and displays a visual color chart containing the measurement definitions of each color.
8. To perform additional comparisons of the same two parts, you can repeat steps 5 through 8.
9. To close the dialog box and exit the part comparison mode, click Close in the Compare Geometry dialog box.