To List Model Features
Click Tools > Feature List. A feature information report is displayed in the Creo Parametric browser. The report lists the part name and features of this part.
If required, sort the report in ascending or descending order based on the contents of a column by clicking its column header. Clicking the column header again reverses the sort order.
For User Defined Features and features that are a part of a group, the report displays the group name or the User Defined Feature name with the actual feature name in parentheses in the Item Name column. This enables you to sort the report for similar grouped features by group name and UDF name. For example, Group ABD(AE_1).
Alternatively, you can view the model information in an Information Window if the info_output_format configuration option is set to Text. You can save the file with a different name and edit the file using the File, Edit, and View menus in the Information Window.