To Get Sheetmetal Design Information
1. To show information in HTML format, ensure that the info_output_format configuration option is set to html. The default is html.
2. Click Tools > Model. The Sheetmetal part information is displayed in the Creo Parametric browser with the following reports:
Used K and Y factors by Part
Bend Tables Associated with Part
Bends Containing Feature Bend Table
Bends Allowance
Bend Radii
Design Rules - Violations Check
3. If the info_output_format configuration option is set to Text, click the arrow next to Model and click Sheetmetal. The Sheetmetal Information dialog box opens.
a. Under Type, select Bend report, Radii report, or Design check.
Design check checks the part against designated rules and displays any violations. This check requires a rule table.
b. Under Output, select To screen, To file, or both, and change the file name if desired.
c. Click OK to generate the information display.