To Get Manufacturing Model Information
To display information about the current, active manufacturing model, from the menu bar:
1. Click Tools > Manufacturing Info. The Manufacturing Information dialog box opens.
2. Under Output information for, select one of the following options:
Manufacturing model—To display information in the INFORMATION WINDOW about the model including:
Machining Sequence Report (Manufacturing Type, Stock, and Date)
Fixture Setup Information
Overall Machining Data
Operation List
Operation—To display list of operations in the Operation List box
NC sequence—To display a list of NC sequences from either the current operation or all operation
Mfg geometry—To display a geometry list for a selected Geometry type (Mill window, Mill surface, Mill volume, or Turn profile) in the Geometry List box
Route—To display a Route Sheet for the assembly in an INFORMATION WINDOW showing Seq. Machine and Sequence, Rmvd Vol, Set up Time, and Run Time
3. In the Output results to section of the Manufacturing Information dialog box, select Screen, File, or both and change the file name if desired.
4. Click Apply to generate the information, if applicable. (If no features exist to support the selection, an informational message appears.)
5. Click Filter to display the Filter Manufacturing Information dialog box, which allows you to select or clear filters for information display.
6. Click Close to remove the Manufacturing Information dialog box.