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To Compute the Mass Properties for a Cross Section
Cross-section mass properties are available only for planar x-sections.
1. On the Analysis tab, click the arrow next to Mass Properties and then click X-Section Mass Properties. The Cross Section Properties dialog box opens. Quick is the default analysis type.
2. Select a cross section name for which you want to compute the mass properties in the Name list.
The Name list is available only if you have a cross section in the model.
3. Click in the Plane collector if it is not active by default and select a reference datum plane. The name of the selected plane is displayed in the collector.
4. Click in the CSYS collector and select a coordinate system. The name of the selected coordinate system is displayed in the collector. You can click the Use Default check box to select and use the default coordinate system.
The result of the analysis is displayed in the result area at the bottom of the Cross Section Properties dialog box. You can view the report of the analysis in the Information Window by clicking .
To clear the contents of the collector, right-click in the collector and click Removeon the shortcut menu. You can then continue to select new plane and coordinate system in the collector to create a new analysis.
5. Click OK to complete the analysis or Cancel to cancel the analysis. Alternatively, click Repeat to start a new analysis.
6. Optionally, to save or create an analysis feature, perform the following steps:
a. Click the Analysis tab if it is not selected by default.
b. Select the desired analysis types from the list at the bottom of the Cross Section Properties dialog box.
c. Select Saved to save the analysis with the model, and to display and dynamically update the analysis while modeling or select Feature to create advanced features.
d. If required, rename the analysis in the box adjacent to the list.
e. Click the Feature tab to create or change feature options of the current analysis, if required. You can access the feature options such as parameters or datum features only when you select a feature type of analysis.
7. Optionally, to customize or edit your analysis, change the relative accuracy or accept the default accuracy value, 0.000010, in the Accuracy box. You can also select an accuracy value from the list of most recently used values in the Accuracy box.
8. Click Preview to compute the analysis. A coordinate system is displayed at the center of gravity of x-section in the Creo Parametric graphics window.