To Compare the Items of Two Parts
1. Open the first part.
2. Click Tools > Compare Part > By Feature. The Open dialog box opens and lists the part files in the working directory.
3. Select the part file that you want Creo Parametric to compare with the first part, and click Open. Creo Parametric opens the second part and performs the comparison analysis.
When the comparison is finished, a list of all the items in the second part that have been modified, along with the items that are present in the second part but missing in the first part are displayed in the Creo Parametric browser. The graphics window displays a model with the second part overlaid on the first part and the differences are highlighted in red.
4. If required, sort the difference report in ascending or descending order based on the contents of a column by clicking its column header. Clicking the column header again reverses the sort order.
For User Defined Features and features that are a part of a group, the report displays the group name or the User Defined Feature name with the actual feature name in parentheses in the Item Name column. This enables you to sort the report for similar grouped features by group name and UDF name. For example, Group ABD(AE_1).
In the Part Comparison dialog box, you have the following choices:
Select the next item in the list and highlight the difference between the two items in the graphics window.
Select the previous item in the list and highlight the difference between the two items in the graphics window.
Display information about the selected item in a separate Information window.
Close the dialog box and quit the comparison operation.
Creo Parametric does not automatically close the second part when you quit the comparison operation. You must close the window manually using File > Close Window.