To Compare Edge Lengths
1. Click Analysis > Short Edge. The Short Edge dialog box opens. Quick is the default analysis type.
2. Click in the Part collector and select a part for analysis.
The Part collector is available only in the Assembly mode.
3. Select a Quick or Saved type of analysis. Quick is the default. Click Saved to save the analysis with the model, and to display and dynamically update the analysis while modeling.
4. For a saved type of analysis, accept the default name for the current analysis or rename the analysis if required.
5. The length of the shortest edge in a selected part or component is displayed in the Length box. In the Length box, type a new length or use the default length.
The number of edges that are shorter than the specified length is displayed in the result area at the bottom of the Short Edge dialog box. You can view the report of the analysis in the Information Window by clicking .
6. Click Preview to compute the analysis. The result of the analysis is highlighted in the Creo Parametric graphics window.
7. Click Repeat to start a new analysis, if required.
8. Click OK to complete the analysis or Cancel to cancel the analysis.