To Add a Split Button to a Toolbar
A split button is a series of toolbar buttons that contain closely related commands and is stored in a group. Only the first command button in the series is visible. The button contains an arrow which, when clicked, displays the remaining command buttons. Rather than creating individual toolbar buttons for each command, you can create split buttons to save space or to group closely related commands. Using the following procedure, you first create a split button, and you then add commands to it. The split button displays only the first command in the series; the other commands appear when you click the arrow.
1. Click Tools > Customize Screen. The Customize dialog box opens and the Commands tab is displayed by default.
2. Under Categories, select New Menu.
3. Under Commands, click and drag the New Flyout button to the desired toolbar in the Creo Parametric window. As you drag, an insert indicator previews the placement position of the button. You can insert the button anywhere in an existing toolbar, but you cannot insert the button inside of another split button or as a separate toolbar. Release the mouse button to place the New Flyout button in the indicated position.
4. Assign commands, including mapkeys, to each new button as desired. To do so, take one of the following actions:
Select a new category in the Categories tree, and then under Commands, click and drag the desired icon onto the button.
In the Creo Parametric window, click and drag an existing menu item or toolbar button onto the compound button.
You must add a command to the button. If the button is empty, it is removed from the toolbar area when you exit the Customize dialog box.
5. To save the new settings in the file, click File > Save Settings.
6. Click OK.