Setting Options
The file is a database file that stores window configuration settings, such as toolbar visibility settings and Model Tree location settings. This file is only relevant when using a mode that uses top level menu. It is not related to modes that shows ribbon. Each setting in the configuration files is called a configuration option. Creo Parametric provides default values for each option. You can set or change the configuration options. Some of the options you can set are:
Toolbar contents
Relative button order on a toolbar
Location and size of the Model Tree
You can make window configuration changes to Creo Parametric only during an active session. You can make changes using only the Customize dialog box. Open the Customize dialog box by clicking Tools > Customize Screen.
As with the, the file uses a hierarchical approach to configuration file settings. First, it looks in the loadpoint/text and home directories, then at the local directory. The settings are reflected as it moves down the hierarchy.
You can retain different window configurations by saving multiple versions of and loading the desired configuration file during a session, rather than by changing a single file every time your window configuration needs to change.