About Analyzing Curves
Curve analysis followed by surface analysis are used for surface modeling. Curve analysis checks the quality of curves or the continuity between curves before the surfaces are built from them. This analysis helps to ensure that the resultant surfaces are of good quality.
Use one of the following analysis types to perform a curve analysis:
Point—Evaluates a normal curvature vector at a datum point or a specified point on a curve or edge. Displays the curvature, normal, tangent, and radius at the selected point on the curve or edge. You can also specify a coordinate system.
Radius—Evaluates and displays the minimum radius for a curve or edge at the selected point. The radius is equal to 1/curvature.
Curvature—Evaluates and displays the curvature of curves or edges. Mathematically, the curvature is equal to 1/radius.
Offset—Evaluates and displays an offset for a selected set of curves or edges. You must also select a reference plane to display the offset.
Deviation—Evaluates and displays the deviation from a curve or edge to a datum point, curve, or datum point array.