About the Notification Center
The Notification Center allows you to quickly view all issues or problems with the high-level model and sub-models. It offers context sensitive commands relevant to resolving the selected notification. When you drill down and mouse over the component or feature causing the notification, a description is provided in the tooltip. The toolbar is context sensitive and displays commands relevant for resolving the selected notification.
There are two types of notifications, errors (red) and warnings (yellow). To filter the display of notifications, click or clear the relevant check box at the bottom of the Notification Center.
When there are notifications in a model you can:
Open the Notification Center for the assembly to see all notifications.
Open the Notification Center for a component to view notifications only for the selected component.
The Notification Center only displays notifications for the active model.
The system cannot guarantee that a Simplified representations other than the Master representation, is up-to-date. Therefore, simplified representations may be reported in the Notification Center despite the fact that everything is fine.