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Browser Controls
The toolbar in the Creo browser contains standard control buttons such as Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, Home, History, Print, Save, and Search.
The Creo browser appears different in the Navigation and the Address modes.
Navigation Mode—This is a local content browser mode. You can use this mode to browse the contents of the local file system on your computer or the computers in the networks that you access. The address bar displays the full paths of the files you access.
In the Navigation mode, you can use the following options on the Browser Toolbar to perform various file and folder operations.
Views—Enables you to view the contents of the local file systems as simple lists, a list with details such as the file size and the last-modified dates of the files and folders, or as thumbnails.
Organize—Enables you to create folders, add objects to common folders, and rename, cut, copy, paste, or delete the selected files or folders in the local file systems.
Tools—Enables you to sort the files and folders, add, reorganize, or remove files or folders from the Favorites folder, show all versions and instances of the selected files or folders, or send them as zipped attachments to mail recipients.
Type—Enables you to select files by their type and format. For example, part file (*.prt), assembly file (*.asm), report file (*.rep), and so on.
Sub-type—Enables you to view or retrieve files by their sub-type.
Right-click the browser toolbar and clear the selection of the Browser Toolbar check box on the shortcut menu to hide these toolbar options.
Address Mode—You can switch to the Address mode by clicking in the address bar and typing a new path or address. Use this mode to browse the contents of the Windchill server, workspace, or any information on the Web. For example, click Windchill Commonspace or Workspace in the folder browser or specify the path to go to a Web page such as
The browser toolbar is not available in the Address mode.
You can browse the contents of the Windchill server and workspace only if you have registered a Windchill server.
To hide or show the browser, click the arrows on the sash between the graphics window and the folder browser pane. You can adjust the width of the browser by dragging the window sash.